About Virtual Management

What is a Virtual Manager?

A self-employed individual usually with several years experience in the "real" (non-virtual) office environment who provides professional administrative, management, or creativer assistance to clients remotely.

Benefits To You

  • Independent contractor: no cost to you for employee-related taxes, benefits or insurance.
  • No need to provide office space, equipment, or most supplies.
  • Pay for prodictive work, no costly "idle time".
  • Can be utilized by individuals or businesses.
  • Rid yourself of office chores you neither want or understand.
  • Focus on your top priority - making money!





My Portfolio

Think only birds "tweet"?  Do "Social" situations leave you uncomfortable?

I will handle your social presence for you.
About Me

Every business needs a web presence.  Period.

It's where many of your customers spend a lot of their time.